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What Unisonway Offeres

unisonway is a job offer platform used to enterconnect job owners AKA Companies and job Seekers AKA-freelancers, employees, interns or any

Our team cares about every user and how they access to our platform. It is tested thoroughly to keep its sharp look anywhere. Access our site using any device whether it is a pc or small smartphone.

Companies can edit Company profile, manage jobs, view and response to applications from candidates. Candidate can edit profile, manage resumes, view jobs applied, bookmarked jobs and manage job alert.


Both employers and candidates feel comfortable with Unisonway which gives them an absolutely easy way to manage jobs as well as resumes. You can find out separate sections in the employer management dashboard including the management of Jobs, applications, messages, shortlists, advanced filter, etc. Regarding Candidate dashboard, you can easily manage Resumes, Applications, Job alert, bookmarks, follow and so on.

Now the candidates and employers can absolutely log in with their social accounts. including Facebook, Google and LinkedIn.

Private Message between Employer and Candidate

Unisonway allows to have a private message between employer and candidate to connect them to each other and facilitate their reaction. Unisonway allows companies to enable admin to review then approve or reject job submission from Admin panel.

Every Actions Comes with Email NotificationsBeside Job Alert sent to email of candidate, most actions of unisoway comes with email notification in flow. companies recieves auto selected resumes as per their professional need.

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In the current business ecosystem situation, to succeed together, working conjointly like an ant is the best approach.

unisonway provides this opportunity to the tip of your hand.

Let’s do it in a unison way.

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