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ስለ ወጪ መጋራት ክፍያ – በ 15 ዓመት ተከፍሎ ማለቅ እንዳለበት ያውቃሉ?

በሀገራችን ከፍተኛ የትምህርት ተቋማት ተምረው የሚወጡ ዜጎች የከፍተኛ ትምህርት የወጪ መጋራት ክፍያ አሰባሰብና አፈጻጸም መመሪያ ማሻሻያ ቁጥር 02/2009 እና የከፍተኛ ትምህርት የወጪ መጋራት ደንብ ቁጥር 154/2000 መሰረት ከተመረቁ በኋላ የወጪ መጋራት ክፍያን የሚከፍሉ ሲሆን ቀጥሎ ያለው መረጃ ስለ ስለ አከፋፈሉ ያትታል፡፡ የአከፋፈሉ ሁኔታ ተጠቃሚው ከተመረቀ ከአንድ ዓመት በኋላ ጀምሮ ከወር ገቢው በየወሩ ቢያንስ 10 በመቶ እየቀነሰ በመ/ቤቱ በኩል መክፈል አለበት፤

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Are you a software engineer interested in remote American Software jobs? Sign up for Turing if:

Are you a software engineer interested in remote American Software jobs? Sign up for Turing if: 1) You can work 40 hours/week for 6-12 months remotely with an American software company. 2) You can spend 30 hours in the next week on our programming tests, take-home challenge, and our video interviews. 3) You can adjust work hours to overlap at

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The 10 Golden Rules of Working With a Recruiter

Working with a good recruiter is an excellent option for both passive and active job seekers. Recruiters can have access to jobs, market information, insights, tips, and connections that many people do not. If you haven’t worked with a recruiter before there are some ways to get the most of out the experience. Here are the 10 golden rules (for

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How to Handle Job Rejection

Getting rejected from a job opportunity you’re excited about can be detrimental to your confidence in your job search. The application and interview stages are usually quite a process and no matter where you are in that process, if you get rejected, it’s tough. Many candidates internalize this and it can majorly affect the motivation to jump back into your search. So, how do

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In the current business ecosystem situation, to succeed together, working conjointly like an ant is the best approach.

unisonway provides this opportunity to the tip of your hand.

Let’s do it in a unison way.

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